Karachi and Lahore are two major cities of Pakistan. First one is financial hub of the country and known as important port of the South Asia, and second one is historical city and has its own special value as it was very important in Mughal Era. 

People of Karachi and Lahore always compare these two cities with each other in every field like Education, Sports, Showbiz, Health and also Culture. People of both cities admire their own city as superior. It's very healthful for development of the cities as well.

Karachi is called "Mini Pakistan" because there live people from every area of the country. It's a metropolitan city and people are very helpful.

Lahore is called "City of Jolly People" or "Zinda Dil City ". People of Lahore are very warm welcomer. They are funny, entertainer and never leave a chance of fun. 

Here are some comparisons between Lahore and Karachi. Places, Events, Personalities, Culture like Everything. Hope you will like and appreciate this blog.

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